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We live by these words: “Each time you spend a dollar, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.”  We incorporate a balance of old & new, hard & soft, modern & classic in each design. We mix the prints and textures of mostly design-industry-only fabrics in innovative ways.  Having a love for and experiences within the fashion industry of NYC, our designs are driven by trends in fashion rather than home decor. This puts us paces ahead of other furniture brands.  In co-designing custom pieces with a customer, we believe that kindness, creativity, and accessibility really matter and that the process of creating truly beautiful pieces need not take itself too seriously.

Let Your Home Reflect Your Heart!


All of our pieces are made by hand in North Carolina, using local sustainable Cherry wood and chemical-free stuffing. We use luxury fabrics, available exclusively to the design industry, that are vibrant in color, sturdy in weight, and soft in textural quality. We do not keep an inventory. We make every piece as each order comes in, with the unique requests and needs of that specific customer in mind. We feel very connected to each of our customers hearts and homes, and we are committed to their happiness with the process.


Living abroad in Italy, traveling throughout Israel and France, repairing homes for the Navajo nation, and most notably living for years as a volunteer teacher in Quito, Ecuador allowed me to learn of various cultures’ differences in music, fashion, and lifestyle.  Once I appreciated how similar and connected we all are and yet how profoundly differently we struggle, I was compelled to dedicate myself to a life of service toward those in need. Thus, Rocker Refined is committed to charitable donations benefiting cultures throughout the world.  

Each Rocker Refined design is connected to a charitable cause toward which we will donate a portion of the profit. We think of this as working hand in hand with those causes because our pieces are built and crafted by hand and they allow us to lend a hand to communities throughout the world.

The founder


Carla James is the owner, founder, and designer of Rocker Refined. Her furniture company, inspired by legendary rock stars, offers American hand-crafted customizable luxury seating. Carla gathers her design inspiration from her love of music & fashion and from her experiences living abroad, all of which inform her unparalleled use of color, texture, and pattern. These pieces each remind her of the energy and optimism that one might feel after waking from a very happy dream or listening to a favorite rock song. Carla lives in Philadelphia with her outrageously kind and cool husband, Nic, and their two sons.

Let Your Home Reflect Your Heart.



I draw my creative passion for Rocker Refined from music, fashion, & travel. My hope is that the music associated with my designs awakens feelings of joy, love and comfort. I am wild about the power for self expression that fashion offers. While each piece is informed by fashion industry trends, we make certain that the shape and style of each design has the possibility for timeless elegance in decades to come. Living within cultures different from my own has been of profound inspiration to me creatively and deeply drives my personal commitment to supporting community and social justice.


I draw the greatest creative passion from the musical soundtrack of my life, which plays on a constant loop in my heart and my house.


The iconic fashionista, Coco Chanel, believed that "fashion changes but style endures."


To live within a community of an entirely different world culture has been one the greatest joys of my life.